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Shigure believes that weaponry should be seen as more than just a tool, that it should be seen as an extension of the body: simply relying on the weapons strength alone will not make you a master of it. She seems to have a great deal of love towards weapons, as at one point during the DofD arc she asks to keep a tank, treating it like a pet and even naming it 'Little Cattaleya'. Likely due to her emphasis on the Katsujinken, most opponents she faces end up losing without significant injury or by simply having their clothes torn (which she often does to Miu and Freya's Valkyries). She seems to be aimed at women probably due to the fact that more times than not, women will stop fighting and try to cover themselves up. Even during fights with dangerous opponents like Kagerō Kii and Mildred Lawrence, she will not resort to lethally slicing or slashing the opponent's body, instead opting to using the back of her sword, and in extreme situations, shallowly cutting or attacking an opponent with a weapon to the point that they have small, non-lethal flesh wounds and cuts.

Or a completely different expereince can be enjoyed with our original beef and seafood entrees. One of many is our AKAUSHI “kobe style” BEEF, 100% pure akaushi cattle, direct descendants of Mount Aso revered akaushi herds. If your in the mood for seafood try the Asian BBQ Wild Salmon, a grilled king salmon with wok fired greens and japanese mustard emulsion.

Thank you for visiting Kenichi, Aspen"s premier contemporary Asian cuisine and world class sushi. Known for its exciting sushi bar, bustling dining room, hip bar ...

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